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Its means different means to different people. To many, its means the protection of wild nature or to others, it is the protection of the forest, soil or natural resources (including minerals, fossil, fuel, fisheries, wild animals, birds, plants etc). The Natural Resources interprets conservation as "the achievement of the highest sustainable quality of living for mankind by the natural utilization of the environment".

Parasites, fruiting plants, flowers, rhino, elephant, fishes, birds, insects and so on are among the life forms that have a natural home at the park. Certain species of trees, shrubs and wild trees and animals are being added to the wealth of the forest. The greatest loss caused by development has been the extinction of many species of plants, animals, birds, inserts and topsoil. In the process of development we scarify our natural resources and in turn create pollution and degradation of environment.

Conservation does not mean keeping the minerals, the forest, fish, animal and fauna in the jungle completely untouched. If its mean that, its mean unpractical. Let create it something for your eyes to see, your ears to hear, nose to smell, mouth to taste and lets our mind to think about what God has created to us. Human being must harvest from what God give to us to survive ourselves. Contain!!! We need not be wasteful and destructive. For example, while fishing try to practice right method or for cutting trees / timber, do not bulldoze 20-30 other small trees and at last it will expose the soil to erosion and pollute the river or lake.

During the construction of the dam in 1983, happened the most challenging event i.e. the filling of the main dam. During that time the heavy rainfall in the monsoon season caused the dam water level to increase. This threatened the life of wild animals in the surrounding Kenyir area. Fortunately the government had acted aggressively to save that wild life. Actually those creatures did not have sufficient time to retreat to higher ground. A herd of wild elephants, which was stranded on the one of the tiny island, was rescued by a group of Perhilitan team. Those elephants had been transferred to their mother nature habitat at Taman Negara Park where they lived there peacefully ever after. Let’s we think about its (conservation). Its means thought and care for all resources whether they be plant, animals or soil. The attitude and behavior for much way conservation is human greed for their quick profits. To ensure our children can enjoy nature we must learn to conserve in the broadest sense of word.


Lets Nature Educate Us

Many knowledgeable people especially in past never went to school or universities. But they learned by inspiration – by inner desire and thirst of knowledge by self-curiosity. Go there and do watching, observing, recording, exchanging and experiencing information. It will help to make you expert one day. These are some way of acquiring knowledge. Observation can be more than books. Kenyir Lake provides the environment for acquisition of knowledge or as a place for self-tuition. Your teacher is self-discipline. Do observe and you will be a wiser person. You look and learn on a nature walk around your accommodation. Full with nature green. Man made discoveries of the elements of nature by unraveling mysteries for information or knowledge. You may choose or create your subject or research, investigation or observation that interest to everyone form various of birds, tiny insects to giant mammals such as elephant or rhino, from pitcher plant to towering timber, from species of fishes etc…. In the park, even walking or hiking is a great fun provided you to take your time to see what the forest has to offer. Minus the stress in your working environment because the innocent pleasure of Kenyir Lake.


National Park (Permit Per Person RM)

Entrance (RM 1.00), fishing (RM 10.00), camera (RM 5.00), camping (RM 1.00). Kenyir Lake (the water area) becomes a part of Malaysia National Park (10 percent of Terengganu National Park). This National Park is joining together with other state of Pahang, Kelantan dan Terengganu. It will take about 45 minutes journey by speedboat from Pengkalan Gawi. The houseboat package (Kenyir Lake Plus) under Ping Anchorage does provide this trip to the National Park, so take this trip and enjoy nature!!! The permit for entering National Park is RM1 per person and for camping fee is RM3 per person. Ping Anchorage will arrange this for you.


Bare in mind when you are in National Park :
* You should have permit
* Nothing can be bring out from the National Park

Any weapon, poison, explosive thing, or any things that can course a danger situation
   to the population of National Park

* Cannot bring any equipment that can give side effect to the nature or can destroy nature
* Any outside animal is not allowed
Cannot destroy, disturb any animals’ habitat, nest or try to give injure to this population
Cannot bring out any animal even their dead body
Cannot cut down or destroy any flora in National Park
Cannot transfer any type of flora in National Park. Let they live naturally

Cannot destroy any zoological, botanical or anything relate to the zoological, ethnology
   or any esthetic or scientific value  

Cannot damage or destroy any signboard in National Park