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Three fourth of the world is covered with water. While ocean and seas make up about 97.3 percent of the of the global water resources. On the other hand only a petty 0.009 percent is fresh water that makes up the lakes and rivers and is available as water supply. As a result of the Kenyir Dam construction, its form a lake as big as Singapore is created.

Thanks God who gives Malaysia fresh water supply in the form of rain that fills up our reservoirs, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams each year. Bare in mind we must share this water with other living things such as fishes, plants and animals.  

There are three main categories of fishing; sea angling, course fishing and game fishing. Both coarse and game fishing are practiced in freshwater, differing in the fishes. The fish species come into hundreds of count and there are several techniques of fishing too. In the case of water authority reservoirs, the license includes permission.

Fishing is a sport, a sport that need full commitment, discipline and participants. Its rewards are a respect for nature. They still enjoy themselves even if the fish are not biting the bait. For anglers, fish in the bag are a bonus, showing an enjoyable and relaxing of a day or night by the water.

To help newcomer in fishing discipline, he/she can join the local angling club. The beginner must bare in mind while handling fish because these creatures have a complex nervous system. They do not shout "Ouch!" so we do not sure whether they can feel pain, as we understand the word. One of the fish’s protections against disease and parasitism is its mucous covering and its scales. If the mucus is removed and it can exposed the fish to disease. Especially when fins are frayed or when covering mucous and its scales are torn off.