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Reservoir Information
* Full supply level 145m

Maximum water level 153m
* Minimum operating level 120m
* Gross storage capacity 13.6 x 109m3
* Live storage capacity 7.4 x 109m3
* Reservoir surface area 369km2
* Catchments area 1260km2

The type of Kenyir Dam is earth core rock fill type. Its height raise up 155m with its crest length 800m and the crest level is same as the dam height. It is believe that the embankment of dam volumes is up to 16 910 000m3. The homogeneous earth fill saddle dams of Kenyir Lake are located at low points on the northeastern boundary of the reservoir. The constructions of eight numbers of saddle dames were made from the total amount 8.7 million cubic meters of earth fill. Whereas the ungated, ogee-type structure spillway is concrete lined open located on the right abutment of the dam. It is about 1100 meter of overall length of spillway excavation. The spillway of Kenyir dam has an uncontrolled concrete ogee type. This spillway will control the fully supply level in the reservoir (full supply lever 145m). Its control the full supply level in the reservoir by releasing excess in flow waters in the reservoir into Sungai Terengganu, downstream river. On the other hand it will protect the dam and saddle dams against damage by overtopping. After the construction of Kenyir Dam, its help to reduce the flood levels at the lower Terengganu River basin.