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Standing about 138 meters above sea level, the lake is surrounding by rich and valuable fauna. Oil palm estates are planted to the north and northeast. Whereas in the north is Hulu Telemong Forest Reserve and in the south is Hulu Terengganu Forest Reserve. This leads to the National Park. It is surrounded by tropical forest with rich heritage of flora from a beautiful exotic orchid to the majestic high trees in this place. You can found thriving meranti, resak, neram, kapur, several rattan species, keruing and many more. Not only that, the journey to Terengganu’s National Park also passes the lake with the beautiful tree trunks on the surface of it. They look like a harmony finger tries to touch the sky.

The lake is known as a unique tourist destination for its beautiful tropical forest and widely known for its valuable wood species, plants, animals, birds and insects. It is believed that Kenyir area is the home for more than 8000 species of flowers, 2500 species of plants and trees, 800 species of orchids, 300 species of fungus and many fauna still untouched and need to explore and study.

Its cool and humid weather makes Kenyir suitable for the home of wild life animals such as species of monkeys, tigers, elephants, deers, snakes, insects, squirrel, birds and many others. All this flora and fauna share together living in harmony in the tropical forest making this place a heaven to the real world of wildlife.

Welcome to the home of nature Kenyir Lake that is you will back to the age of three thousand million of years. Among the world’s oldest tropical rainforest in Malaysia. Preserved to stay with nature and its will be for you to explore and enjoy. The forest and lake of a haven place for hundreds species of wildlife, exotic birds, fish and fauna.



Herbs Garden (Taman Herba)